2013. július 9., kedd

Memento Project - Prague Nemmivoltunk! - That.Was.Not.Us! Crew

Dear visitors around the world! This is our new project from Prague, the Memento Project.
Enjoy the pictures and please join me on Facebook! Thanks

Plaque F - Nem mi voltunk! ('That was not us!') is an independent group of young Hungarian artists. They created the Memento Project based in Prague in 2013. 
Plaque D - Distributing and receiving money in boxes helps contribute to extra services for politicians in countries like the Czech Republic and Hungary.
Plaque C - "If the person does not have a guitar, another instrument or at least is not blowing big bubbles, but just sits there and pretends to be levitating, for me it is not art." - said police officer Lang, who prohibited the levitation in Prague Old Town.